IEEE Kochi Hub Meet 2018

Toc H Institute of Science and Technology
Arakkunnam , Ernakulam

JULY 20,21,22

Coming together is beginning, Staying together is progress and working together is success!


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About IEEE

IEEE is the world's largest professional association advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. It publishes technical journals, sponsors conferences, develops technology standards, and supports the professional interests of more than 400,000 members over 150 countries.

IEEE was formed in 1963 after a merger between the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), founded in 1912, and American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE), founded in 1884. Members of IEEE rely upon the society as a source of technical and professional information resources and services. And through this global membership, IEEE is now the leading authority on a range of technology including aerospace systems, computers, telecommunications, biomedical engineering, electric power, consumer electronics and many more. The IEEE serves more than to just provide a networking platform for professionals. The organisation sponsors over 850 conferences annually to aid the progression of technology. Furthermore, there are over 1,500 student branches for IEEE around the world creating a membership of nearly 80,000 students.

IEEE Kochi Hub

The IEEE Kochi Hub has always been a hive of highly vibrant and passionate volunteers who strive to come up with the most groundbreaking ideas and events. We have a great legacy of promoting all our volunteers to become the most talented, high spirited and brightest minds of our times who work towards advancing the technology for humanity, thus serving the purpose of IEEE. In Kochi Hub, we strive to bridge barriers and achieve the impossible in every aspect. Let us all work together as one, for “ Together, anything is possible!.”

Kochi Hub Meet 2018

The Kochi Hub meet is the premier event of the IEEE Kochi Hub, which features the best of workshops and sessions, great volunteering and networking opportunities complete with fun, frolic and the joy of meeting up with like minded IEEEians! The Kochi Hub Meet provides you that very thing you have been eagerly waiting for - a platform for you to get to know more about IEEE, explore and relish the latest trending technology you have been waiting to lay your hands on and to engage and network with our dynamic members from over 36 SBs across the 5 zones.

DJ Night Promo


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DJango Workshop

‘Ridiculously fast, Reassuringly Secure & Exceedingly Scalable’! The three magic features that makes DJango web framework one of the best choice to work with as you yearn to transform your ideas into a business reality! To all of you out there, who fantasizes to create better web apps that aren’t just quick and easy but with the aid of less code, then Django is truly a saviour in disguise. Reusable, rapid and pluggable; Django comes with the motto- ‘Don't repeat yourself’! As web development is touching lives in more ways than we have imagined, KHM 18 is here to aid you to stay in the loop by learning the tricks and trend of the trade! Cheers to hassle free web development!

‘Simple is better than complex ; explicit is better than implicit !’ - And that's Django for you!

Li-fi Workshop

The advancement in technology never ceases to amaze us! And one such instance is that of how visible lightwaves could be a rival to radiowaves to start the era of wireless networking. Oh yeah! Its Wifi Vs Li-fi !

Light- fidelity (Li-Fi) has embarked on a journey to illumine our lives with a safer, smarter, sustainable and efficient solution to optimize the connection with the world. Join the herd at KHM18 and spark your minds with the thoughts on an evolving technology!

‘When light becomes the source of linkage!’ - That's Li-Fi for you!

Managerial Workshop

‘Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor card well!’

Flair for management is a subtle yet significant streak to savour success in the corporate world. Having an edge to confront any catastrophe is what makes up for a worthy manager! Equip yourself with the right skills and minset to overcome the ordeals of any dynamic and challenging environment you are engaged in! Competence, Communication, leadership, delegation, intuition and mostly ‘being human’ are the virtues of a good manager! So be zealous to magnetize the people around with your charisma! KHM 18 welcomes you all to hone and refine those much needed savvy skills.

Get groomed to surpass the odds with all the grit and grace ! Hop in peeps and embrace the managerial vibes!

Portfolio using Wordpress

‘Portfolio - A portrait of your personality, prowess, pusuit and perseverance!’

To all those who ever wondered of what it took to grab the attention of an employer and the root to being marked as an efficient employee, then here is your answer! It's all about putting forth a professional portfolio which is a proof of your disposition, disclosure and tangible career related skill! So stressing on the term, ‘professionalism’; that's where ‘Wordpress’ wonder you with its simple and straight forward set of solutions! Be it a student who is all set to embark on a career or an aspiring freelancer, owning an online portfolio will help them gain potential employers, clients or customers by boosting their online presence. And to aid you with this, Wordpress is the most beneficial one. With a myriad of customizing options, Wordpress is versatile and straightforward!

So seize the opportunity and seek to swag and sway with a spot-on portfolio using wordpress at KHM18!


RJ Neena

Radio Jockey

The gregarious lass she is, KHM18 is delighted to have her, as she sets to tune your frequencies to something worth hearing!

Maneesha Panicker

Founder, Silk Route Escapes

The feathery winged fiery lass who fetched international recognition for her venture with the quaint lushes! Joyous, KHM18 welcomes her to lend your ears

Nihal Raj a.k.a Kicha

Little Chef

The cheery little chef who was featured in the The Ellen Degeneres and won hearts worldwide with his skills and vibes! Hop in peeps for a ceaseless chuckle with this chap!

Atul Warrier

Director, Rad Worx Media Pvt Ltd

"The gutsy go-getter!" A soul who has savoured success for his venture with a streak of stubbornness within! Get ready to agaze as he unveils his bond with the 'BlackPearl'!

Ranjith R Nair

MDC IEEE Kerala Section

A laudable leader who strived with all his might to take Kerala IEEE section to a higher-tier! Gleeful, get inspired with his words of wisdom through VOLT session!

C. Balagopal


An ambidextrous soul who has savoured success in whichever role he has taken up! Versatile, witty and enthusiastic - he is an IAS turned entrepreneur. We are delighted to have him inaugurate the ceremony and grace the occasion!


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